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Blog to America

Content for Blog to America is completely generated by the readers. This site brings together individuals from around the world to post their opinions on the United States in the form of letters and comments. Our site aims to encourage global communication and create an international dialogue between America and the world. The most interesting of these letters and comments will be included in a future publication.

Letters from Americans are kept on the American Perspectives page.

Lenin from United Kingdom - On Death Wishes

Dear America,

Try to contain your delight at hearing from an epigone of Lenin.

You may wish to know that your continent is surrounded by vast areas of the world that wish you no specific harm. I refer, of course, to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Everywhere else has it in for you. I mean it. Even loyal serfs like South Korea are turning against you, despite the fact that they have clearly modeled their flag on your excellent PepsiCola product (mmm mmm). Poll after global poll finds that most people consider the United States the world's most greatest threat to peace. Like you, and dear President Bush, I have not the slightest understanding of how this state of affairs can have come about, but I am told that it may have something to do with the habit of American governments to initiate wars and, where they don't initiate them, to escalate them to insane peaks of global danger, from the threat to use atomic weapons against North Korea in 1950-1, to the refusal to reunify Germany as a neutral state and the subsequent threat of a hot war with Kruschev, to the Cuban missile crisis in which Kennedy contemplate global nuclear war.

I am further informed that opinion was soured by near-genocidal violence in Korea after the march past the 38th parallel, in Vietnam before and after the march across the 19th parallel, and in the remainder of Indochina in the same period. The use of right-wing dictatorships and death squads to avert outcomes unamenable to American elite interests has also invested an otherwise fine continental principality with a suspicious poo-taint. Lately, certain people (namely, the world) have taken exception to a global war for dominance counterintuitively dubbed the 'war on terror'. I respect and trust Americans too much to believe that they have ever been taken in by that appelation, but it is now beyond your province, and mine.

Amreekans will naturally understand that I personally would wish to enhance their global standing and protect them from global wrath. May I therefore recommend you take the earliest opportunity to overthrow your government, socialise the means of production, distribution and exchange under the control of democratic workers councils, reduce your massive 'defense' industry to what is necessary to defend your land mass and only your land mass, and convert the trillions spent on war-making into useful production and services. Not only would it benefit most Americans to so transform their conditions, but it would also invite countless billions to relax their batties and stop dragging the stars and stripes across the epicentre of their chutney pipes each morning.

Meanwhile, I and my Bolshevik armies will sneak up on America via the Panama Canal and - d'oh!

About the Author:

Name: Lenin
Age: 30
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Gender: Male
Experience With US: Never Visited the United States
Website: http://leninology.blogspot.com

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8 Responses to “Lenin from United Kingdom - On Death Wishes”

  1. # Blogger Hell's Penguin

    Dear Lenin.

    May I remind you of the little fact that, without America, you would be speaking German or Russian today?

    Who supplied the UK while the German submarines were rampaging through the Atlantic and while the Luftwaffe was laying waste to British cities, killing British women and children?

    Complaining about American "imperialism" (I suggest to look up what that word means before using it wrongly) while the UK was much, much worse in its history, is not really a smart move.

    Looking at it at a historic context I must say that who else would have been there after WW2? France, UK, they were losing their colonies one by one. The British "Empire" ceased to exist. And who was the only one power to fight the USSR? Of course the US, who else.

    It's funny, but this just crossed my mind. People always complain about the US playing "world police". Well, here's a question for you moonbats: who should do it if not the US? The UNO? Yeah, right. As if they can even agree on the color of horse droppings.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    fuck you and your motherfucking throorist state usa.


  3. # Anonymous MisterMestopheles

    Dear penguin,

    I'm thinking, Lenin is kind of a political comedian, I can't find his entry serious lol.
    Oh btw it was the other way around, not the Luftwaffe layed waste to British cities, but the British airforce layed waste to german cities, maybe you should look it up again, think about the Dresden bombing killing some thenthousands civilians in one night, that's the british way. ;)  

  4. # Anonymous Omar

    Interesting coming from someone who's country is the biggest ally to the US in the war in Iraq, curtailed more civil liberties of its citizens in the name of the "war on terror", played large part in the division of Germany, created the state of Israel (the other primary cause of the Iraq War...the other being oil), has one of the highest military spending in the world (2nd or 3rd after the US), and single-handedly invented the world "imperialism". Much of what you said applies to Britain as well.  

  5. # Anonymous Redwing

    Hey, this is a pretendershow here! I wanted to make an own text public here a few days ago and obviously it seemed to have been "disappeared". They hold it back because they fear the truth. They want to see here what they like and not any kind of an independend opinion. Hah, where is the "democracy" and the "free speech" of the USA now? Its once again a fairy tale- just propaganda.

    In my text I just faced the US new age empire with its non-democratic crimes since world war 2 in Latinamerica, Vietnam and other places in the capitalism-spoiled world, including the cowardly and lying iraq-desaster.
    And I faced them with the bigger and bigger differences of wealth (between rich and poor) and the extended poverty in the USA and in the world- because of wrong, mad, capitalistic politics like it failed ever and ever again.

    We just have to share money/wealth and work and nobody has too much and too less is safe and is happy! But the USA just extend anything whats wrong in the world! Damn this!

    OK, I'm not as stupid to repeat my whole text, just to see how it will be hold back again. It's some kind of work for me because this isn't my motherlanguage (perhaps you will notice that ;-))

    What I know is that the initiators here lie to themselves and want to distort reality more or less. But they see what we answer and they know the truth. I guess that my text wasn't the only which was hold back... ;-) Face reality USA and give up your propaganda of a ruling rich minority.

    Angry greetz from the legendary Redwing- a german neosocialist (and proud of it)! :-)  

  6. # Anonymous Redwing

    PS: Shit, i guess the past of "hold" is "held", right? (lol)

    Dont lough, try to speak german! ;-)

    My last text was perfect but they crushed it- damn!

    A hail to the revolution!  

  7. # Anonymous Redwing

    Hey yo, it's me again- the famous Redwing from Bremen Germany! :-)

    Fairly I have to say that I noticed two E-Mails from this side today- mails from the 4th and 5th October.
    The creators of this blog announced to make my text public and that this will take a few days. Obviously they are a little bit slow. This may cause some misunderstandings... ;-)

    OK, i'm waiting, man. If it will be set free soon I withdraw my accusation; if not I stand by. I dont't have to say anything more about this now. We have to see, we have to know... :-) It's a relatively rough text but the truth is often painfull. ;-)

    Oh by the way: I have to add: George W. Bush- the worst President since Reagan (and Reagan was the worst of all of them)- has decided to cancel another one of the rare social achievements in the arch-capitalistic, life-hostile USA: this health-stuff for children of the extending poor masses (ya know). At the same time he cries for more billions for continuing his crime-war in Iraq.
    So I have to agree with Michael Moore: "Shame on you Mr.Bush- shame on you!" ;-)

    Hopefully: Yours Redwing  

  8. # Blogger Dana

    Don't mind hell's penguin. He acts like speaking German or Russian is a fate worse than death. Fact is that Hitler could have never risen to power had we not humiliated Germany after the first World War. People loved Hitler because they were MISERABLE. Tin-pot dictators don't get elected and then metamorphosed into world threats in a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS nation.

    I wasn't aware we ever fought the USSR. Isn't that why they called it the Cold War?

    My family would still be speaking French if not for American Anglophones and military heroism had nothing to do with it. My country acts as though speaking English is the supreme virtue even though most people who have lived on this continent came from non-Anglophone backgrounds and I'm sick of it.  

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