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Blog to America

Content for Blog to America is completely generated by the readers. This site brings together individuals from around the world to post their opinions on the United States in the form of letters and comments. Our site aims to encourage global communication and create an international dialogue between America and the world. The most interesting of these letters and comments will be included in a future publication.

Letters from Americans are kept on the American Perspectives page.

Redwing from Germany - The New Age Empire

Dear America,

Excuse me if my English isn't perfect but I guess you will understand what i want to say.

I just want to say that I despise and hate the USA. The USA have forgotten it's rebellious origin and it's liberation fight against the British Empire. Since the end of World War II they've become an empire themselves. They suppress people around the whole world and can't accept that there are more and more of them which shit on the mendacious so called American way of life. They talk about democracy and freedom but they're just interested in might and money. In Vietnam they supported a dictator which canceled the elections because he saw that he won't win them. And then the USA fought against the justified peoples resistance. In Chile the USA pushed a cruel dictator with in neighbour states trained personal terrorists and local people's suppressors to the government and crushed a wonderful socialist democracy and a peoples president (Allende). In Grenada it was almost the same, except of the fact, that the USA lead the Invasion by themselves. They destroyed social hopes of the people and supported dictators!
Especially Latin America was suppressed by that new age empire which thought the whole continent belongs to them and other countries there are just cheap and obeying satellites.

And then take a look at more current times. The USA raid the Iraq and tell us something about mass destruction weapons and liberation but these all are damn lies. There are no mass destruction weapons in the Iraq - unfortunately, because this would have been an impressive defensive measure against evil Invaders from west. The USA have surely more mass destruction weapons than any other nation but dare to forbid and allow other countries to have it or not. The Iraq had been no threat for the world but the USA proved many times that they are. Is there a nation which lead more wars? The USA always fight in foreign countries and dare to talk about defense. In Iraq they just want oil and a bigger presence in the Arab region. They want to expand they're new age empire, like Romans have done in the past. But notice: every empire failed one day. ;-)

The USA expands mass poverty inside the nation and in the world. They keep an evil political system which ends always in crisis- like in world war 2- and in which the absolute majority of all people just can lose. Capitalism is a dark realm of a rich minority- and this means that the system cant work. But the USA defend it despite of that and cause desperation, suppression and poverty. It's not surprising that the resistance in the world against that special kind of terrorism is getting bigger and bigger. The USA talk about cowardly "terrorists" but just dare to fight them miles away from the air with missiles. THIS is cowardly. And they absolutely cant distinguish between origin and result- like the most rulers. They cant or they just don't want.

And take a look inside, man. Over 35 millions in the USA live already in extreme poverty and more and more people have to do two or three jobs a day just to survive. This is no live and no good circumstance. This is f*cking hell- the American way of existing. And it's getting worse and worse. There are so large differences of wealth- and it's a damn minority which has and gets it almost all. This is no justice. And this global tyranny of a rich minority and especially the government of the USA want to force the rest oft all mankind to accepts this system and suffer for it. But we won't- we won't. We don't let us influence by the naive US-propaganda as such easy as us-Americans. ;-) And even they will more and more wake up in the face of that failing capitalistic hell.

Yours Redwing- German neosocialist and webfighter :-)

A hail to the revolution!

PS: Thanks to your mad president because he showed the rest oft the world the true face of the USA better than many presidents before!

About the Author:

Name: Redwing
Age: 28
Country: Germany
City: Bremen
State: Bremen
Gender: Male
Income: Low
Experience With US: Never Visited the United States

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6 Responses to “Redwing from Germany - The New Age Empire”

  1. # Anonymous caitlyn

    I'm glad you see it! There are some of us here in America who see it too! And the 'revolution' is on its way . The difficult thing, is , getting the right person in charge, and unfortunately, there are a lot of Americans who are just plain fools to put it simply and will vote for the wrong reasons, or won't vote at all. Last election there was a huge campaign to get young people to vote, and the continuation of that, and the popularity of that campaign will hopefully result in a huge 'young people' turn-out, and hopefully we will be able to influence the future,OUR future. Many young people will vote for a more liberal candidate who will help America become more American.
    I have a very un-American view of America because I live in the northeast and such, only twenty minutes from New York. I see from an outsiders point of view the fools that make up too much of this country who love Bush and will believe everything he says. To me its extremely frightening and it must be more frightening to other countries who can still get caught under our power.
    Read my post in the American perspectives-on terrorism from new jersey- i think thats what they titled it. ok thankss!
    auf wiedersehen!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You hate your own children? The United States is overwhelmingly derived from German and UK immigrants who brought the ideas of those countries to the New World. We are your children and your heirs and you reject us so? Better to cut your nose off to spite your own face!  

  3. # Blogger Dana

    Um, Anonymous, I think dude's a bit young to be our parents. Very distant cousin is more like it.

    In the end if we go far back enough we're all related anyway, so it's kind of specious to say we shouldn't be aggravated at one another just because some of us might be "family." I don't think this young man would necessarily hate individual Americans if he met the right ones. He's got every right, however, to resent the country.  

  4. # Blogger Dana

    Oh, and by the way, Anonymous, maybe you better pay closer attention to the Census. UK and German descendants ARE NOT in the majority.  

  5. # Anonymous Redwing

    Hey, they took a long time but finally they made it public! :-) Then I have to withdraw my accusation regarding the textsupression. ;-)
    And I return a last time.

    Yes, Dana, the majority in the USA are latins and I hope they will rise one day and do it the cuban way (better the venezuela way), man! :-)

    To that anonymous odd: Europe has send the criminals and other disturbing persons to america and australia generally (haha). And then this settlers hijacked Africans and turned them into slaves. ;-)
    And how naive ist it to compare a single person with its whole country? I'm german but I belong unfortunately to a minority yet (which is increasing more and more!) and I'm damn unsatisfied with my damn, anti-social government too! But Germany or England are not able to cause so much damage in the world like the USA- because they are not as powerfull and a little bit (!) more social and intelligent.

    To Caitling: I know that there are intelligend and awaken people in every country (obviously like you) but there are more in some of them and less in other countries- and there is some kind of a base-mentality. ;-) And I fear I have to say that the simple idiots in the USA are a big crowd! :-) The people who think more far than a few meters (or even beyond the borders of the USA) are very rare in your country. There are also rare in germany but it's not such bad.

    And notice: If the people dont elect this can be also a sign of unsatisfaction (or how is it called?) and resistance (but unfortunately not successfull untill the election reaches the 50%-limit). If they offer just big and smaller shit than it's maybe the best not to vote. And the two possible presidents at last are generally nothing more than a bigger and a smaller desaster. ;-) If there are no other options I would probably vote for none of them. You need really left/red social policy in the USA.

    In Europe republicans are far right and (neo)liberals are middle or middle-right. And many countries here have real options left of this. A relative liberal society is OK if the rights of the one person don't supress rights of other persons too much. But we cant let the economy doing what it want. This would be (is) a socialdarwinism Predatorsystem. Liberalism is poison here (in the economy-sector) for the people who are just the slaves for the rich minority and his corporationsyndicates. We need to take control over the economy in the name of all people and a peoples state: we need neosocialism. ;-) Because the economy proved again and again that it doesnt want to take response. They just want to make more and more money and the rest doesnt interest. And so less people have to make more work for less money and under worse circumstances- and others are unemployed and live in total poverty. Now- as I said- we just have to share money/wealth and work and almost everybody would be happy (exept the (ex-)rich-raptors). Everybody would have work and money/wealth but not too much of it. ;-) We need to decrease differences.

    OK, I finish now. I cant explain it in detail here (this translation would take (too) much time :-)) I have read your text- it's good...for an amy-text. Ha ha, just kidding! But i realized you also have a south-problem! The idiot-rate in texas is as high as the idiot-rate in bavaria (Bayern) here (lol)! Fortunately I live in the Northwest. :-)

    By the way: I'm a student too but I started evidently much later than you. :-)

    Greets and Goodbye (Tschüß/ Auf Wiedersehen :-))

    PS: Ignore my few mistakes in the maintext and here. The most of them are speedmistakes (wrote too fast and too furious). ;-) And I definitely know the differences between "teir" and "they're" or "live" and "life" (lol).  

  6. # Anonymous JR Enthusiast

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    Here’s the link: harmonicwealth.com/read  

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