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Blog to America

Content for Blog to America is completely generated by the readers. This site brings together individuals from around the world to post their opinions on the United States in the form of letters and comments. Our site aims to encourage global communication and create an international dialogue between America and the world. The most interesting of these letters and comments will be included in a future publication.

Letters from Americans are kept on the American Perspectives page.

Sarmad from Iraq - Where is the New Iraq?

Dear America,

I really don'€™t know from were I should start. From my own problems to the Iraqi's, generally it's been nearly two years since I stopped writing and the main reason was the disappointing situation...yes the disappointing. Is this the new Iraq? This was what we wished to have? Is this the new style of life? At the beginning every thing was okay, and we were saying "no problem". The important thing was we got rid of the dictatorship there. We are after four and half years later and Iraq has gone from dictatorship to the old dark ages. Iraq the country of nations and foundation of humanity sinking in rivers of blood and killings and poorness and thieves and only the name stayed Iraq and every thing else is gone. Who is responsible? Is it us or the others?
All we wanted was simple things. Is it hard to have a these things without these losses? It was very expensive payment, my heart is breaking, and I see my country loses everything...even the simple things that we didn'€™t want anymore.

About the Author:

Name: Sarmad Zangna
Age: 31
Country: Iraq
City: Baghdad
Gender: Male
Income: Medium
Occupation: Engineer.
Experience With US: Never Visited the United States
Website: http://www.roadofanation.blogspot.com

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3 Responses to “Sarmad from Iraq - Where is the New Iraq?”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thank you for giving us your heart-felt thoughts on the situation that your country has had to endure for the past four years. My most heart-felt wishes go out to you and all the other Iraqi people. It is just so sad that while we Americans can sit back in our comfortable chairs and complaining about how Bush is such an idiot for getting us into this mess and about how big of a waste all the money this war is costing us is, the true victims here are the Iraqi people who were forced into this situation without any say (along with our servicemen and their families who are actually affected by the war, unlike the rest of the country). What a tragedy...  

  2. # Anonymous Joe from the USA

    I wonder if Iraqis have the same optimism that the U.S. government has - that this is a temporary madness and that it will all be over soon.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Dear Sarmad,
    Freedom is not free, Thomas Jefferson wrote "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike, for it is natural fertilizer.

    When our forefather declared our independence, they did so knowing the great losses which they would suffer. As your country enter it's age of freedom always keep near to your hearts the memory of those payed the highest price. For it is in their blood that the roots of freedom will take hold. Tend to it as though it were a beautiful garden, tend it every day. Teach your children and your grandchildren to tend it and pass down the stories of how your beautiful garden grew from the sacrifice of others. Guard it jealously, let nothing harmful into it and never forget the cost at which it came. And if you would, each time you stop and give thanks for the gift so many Iraqis gave with their sacrafices, say a prayer for the families of our young men who died their also, because they were the seeds from the garden of freedom grown in the blood of our fathers 233 years ago. Cherish your freedom always and never, ever forget the price at which it came, fight to defend it should need be, for if it is lost it will prove to have been invain.  

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