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Blog to America

Content for Blog to America is completely generated by the readers. This site brings together individuals from around the world to post their opinions on the United States in the form of letters and comments. Our site aims to encourage global communication and create an international dialogue between America and the world. The most interesting of these letters and comments will be included in a future publication.

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Brian from United Kingdom - The Genius of America

Dear America,

I'm traveling to New York and Washington for the first time in a few weeks. The prospect of going to New York is thrilling. For my whole life I have watched American films and here will be my first chance to see the many landmarks featured in these movies.

I recently saw Saturday Night Fever a wonderful evocation of 70s life in Brooklyn. I saw The Squid and the Whale, too, which is an evocation of Brooklyn in the 1980s. I love the sense of place these films create. The dialogue, and the observations of aspirations and fears, I find fascinating.

I've booked my Sopranos tour, which will take me round all the settings I have grown familiar with, watching six series (or is it seven?) of that amazing drama. I'm looking forward to seeing the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the kind of streets that are featured in The Godfather, Sex in the City and Woody Allen films.

Having had the reputation of being a low-brow culture, the Americans in the last decade have redefined television and its possibilities. I'm a fanatical fan of Alan Ball's Six Feet Under. It's a wonderful series which confronts viewers with all the really big questions. It's funny, profound and moving.

I particularly enjoy the ethnic mix which series like the Sopranos and Six Feet Under explore. For seven years I lived in Bayswater in London. It was a tough place to survive, and the English were a community among many other communities.

London is America these days. The idea of a nation state, an England that is for the English, is defunct. As a culture we are not very good at expressing or depicting this new world we live in. The Americans do it beautifully.

About the Author:

Name: Brian Jenner
Age: 39
Country: United Kingdom
City: Bournemouth
State: Dorset
Gender: Male
Income: Medium
Occupation: Speechwriter
Experience With US: Visited the United States
Website: http://www.brianjenner.typepad.com

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10 Responses to “Brian from United Kingdom - The Genius of America”

  1. # Blogger Orikinla Osinachi.

    Do take care all the way and I wish you all the best.

    Cheers and God bless.  

  2. # Blogger Tantor

    Welcome, Brian! Have a seat! Order yourself a beer and a burger and have yourself a fine time. Make sure you get your hand stamped when you leave America so you can get back in.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Recent Finance issue nearly caused an insurance company to bankrupt.

    Who fault? Shouldn't we take this opportunity to tune back the incorrect system, or we will wait till the next few generations to meet the similar issues again.....?

    Should the top management bare responsibility....?

    The top management of the ( not private company ) listed company salary should be tied a portion of it to the shares.... so when the shares price drop, it don't just penalize the investors, but those who don't take care of the company.....

    Since the U S is going to have president election, should they bring this out as a topic for discussion?

    Should $700b be pump into the economy instead?


    是谁的错。。。。? 不在这个时候扶正回来,难道要等到下几代在遇到同样的事吗?






  4. # Blogger David

    Different questions and rumors are being ask because of the sudden fall of America’s economy and financial status but the great question is, does America better off in 2008 than in 1932? It depends who you ask. In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president, and took over during a time when the economy was nose diving into a recession. FDR introduced his “New Deal,” which drastically changed the government’s approach towards the U.S. economy. The government’s new role in the economy was much more involved than it had been previous to FDR. Roosevelt's “deal” revitalized the economy in the short run, but some argue the negative repercussions can still be felt today. In this Wall Street Journal article, Paul Rubin writes that although the present U.S. economy is not identical to the economy of 1932, there are many parallels: the stock market is faltering, credit markets are locking down, and a popular Democratic presidential candidate – Barack Obama – is advocating for increased government regulations in the economy. If Obama becomes president and the Senate is controlled by democrats, our country will face the most liberal agenda in its history. Free market economists are concerned with Obama’s “hands-on” policies and fear they steer the American economy off-course in the long run. Proponents of capitalism will disagree that we’re better off today than in 1932. On the contrary, they would most likely tell you that America is in for more of the same – a “New, New Deal.”
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  5. # Anonymous andrew

    nice topic.........  

  6. # Anonymous ulin nuha

    Thank you information that is interesting  

  7. # Anonymous 競馬予想


  8. # Anonymous Mapuc

    good film bro, success for u  

  9. # Anonymous BisPul

    good info, thanks  

  10. # Blogger Peter Korsgaard

    Hi Brian
    I visited NY and Washington for the first time 4 months ago. Make sure to see the Newseum in D.C. I'm from Denmark but currently live in Missouri and I keep a blog about the weird things of America. Check it out http://goodbadusa.blogspot.com/  

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