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Blog to America

Content for Blog to America is completely generated by the readers. This site brings together individuals from around the world to post their opinions on the United States in the form of letters and comments. Our site aims to encourage global communication and create an international dialogue between America and the world. The most interesting of these letters and comments will be included in a future publication.

Letters from Americans are kept on the American Perspectives page.

Jasen from Macedonia

Dear America,
All those small conflict and wars you make all over the world really makes me sick. I could not believe US are actually doing this stuff until it happened in my country. I could see they were bombing neighboring Serbia because of that a**hole Milosevic and I tried to justify it somehow. Even I'm actually Serb by nationality and I had (and still have) large part of my closest relatives and friends there. I tried to digest all the assuring bullshit they were putting on their media. But after few years all those local crimes and peasants (mostly Albanians from Kosovo) they were arming, started attacking Macedonia. A small poor country that tried somehow to defend itself from a bunch of armed criminals. And what happens next is Macedonians got put in same light like Serbs nationalists. At the same time bunch of military consulting experts and agencies from US and Europe started offering services and making cash out of this. These people were "helping" the war to start up using their ties in media, politicians etc. This makes it clear war by itself is money maker. I just could not believe all the lies that I saw on TV those days. BBC was MAKING things up in front of my eyes! It was unbelievable how they deliberately changed facts and setup up totally bullshit news from there. Like anyone actually really cared about it after all. It was happening and there was nothing no one could do. All those people need to make cash and I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. There is always some poor and uneducated people that your corrupt politicians will sell weapons to make war and to make money. America you are a monster. You are feeding with weak countries! Damn you. You f*cked up my life.

About the Author:

Name: Jasen
Age: 26
Country: Macedonia
City: Skopje
Gender: Male
Income: Low
Occupation: IT
Experience With the US: Never Visited the United States

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