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Blog to America

Content for Blog to America is completely generated by the readers. This site brings together individuals from around the world to post their opinions on the United States in the form of letters and comments. Our site aims to encourage global communication and create an international dialogue between America and the world. The most interesting of these letters and comments will be included in a future publication.

Letters from Americans are kept on the American Perspectives page.

enigmatikmike from Malta - The Tiny Islander

Dear America,

I must admit that writing this letter is proving to be more difficult than expected. I really admire you. I really really do. Or at least did. You seem to have lost it now.

Take the Iraq war. It's irrelevant whether the war was justified or not in the first place. What really irritates me is that your political leaders didn't even bother to plan it properly in the first place. As a result young American men and women are dying for a botched cause, in a botched war. And you let them. Just because your political leaders say so.

Or take the fact that as the world's most industrialised nation you should be the ones tearing down barriers to scientific research, and yet there you are denouncing science in the name of God, just because your religious leaders say so. In the name of God? Since when have we slipped back into the Middle Ages? Over 40% of your people claim not to believe in evolution. How can one not believe in a law of nature? I can deny the existence of gravity but I'll still fall down if I jump off a cliff. It is quite ironic to battle religious extremism on one end of the globe while fostering your own version at home.

It is quite sad that being anti-American is cool. It is quite unfitting that young Europeans should choose to associate themselves with Communism just to spite America (because if they knew what Communism really stood for they wouldn't embrace it so lovingly). Yet it doesn't make sense to ignore your natural allies and go it alone. You may have all the power, but Europe has the experience.

You are in your early adulthood. Physically powerful, and full of testosterone, you consider your weaker elders to be just cowards who are fit for nothing. Yet that is the mistake a lot of young adults make, and come to regret later on. In a world where your enemies are increasing, it would make more sense to consult more with your true friends.

And even accept criticism with a smile once in a while.

About the Author:

Name: enigmatikmike
Age: 21
Country: Malta
City: Paola
Gender: Male
Income: Low
Occupation: Student
Experience With US: Never Visited the United States
Website: http://enigmatikmike.blogspot.com

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