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Blog to America

Content for Blog to America is completely generated by the readers. This site brings together individuals from around the world to post their opinions on the United States in the form of letters and comments. Our site aims to encourage global communication and create an international dialogue between America and the world. The most interesting of these letters and comments will be included in a future publication.

Letters from Americans are kept on the American Perspectives page.

Rakun from Slovenia

Dear America,

Thanks to Blog To America for finding me on MySpace, so I can somehow send a letter. How to start? I understand what US is doing. Their government do not truly act against terrorism, unless it is within their own borders. They need oil and money from other countries. Their war industry is currently making loads of money, since they supply military of the US, Israel and some NATO forces. Why did they attack Iraq and why don't they attack Iran? Oil and war industry are the first. Iraq could not defend itself against the forces of US and Great Britain, while Iran can, and there is a possibility that Iran holds nuclear, chemical or other weapons, and has a far better organized and well equipped military that could defend itself properly against an invasion of the US.

I know how it looks when government takes hold of the national television, making news reporters be on the side of the government. I know some Americans, that would agree with me, and some, who are fanatical about how terrorism is threatening them and how Bush is great for the defense. I agree with those Americans, who do not support George Bush Jr., because they actually don't believe what their government wants them to believe. Pentagon was NOT damaged by a plane. If it WAS, then there would be a much bigger hole in Pentagon, and there would be pieces of that plane around. FBI confiscated most of cameras around the scene.

An American friend of mine was also sure that the "terrorist attack" on WTC in New York is a fraud. He said, that there were no signs of air companies on the airplanes that crashed into the WTC twins. I'll check that soon if it is true.

Excuse for the government of USA is terrorism, though in real it is economical. They need oil, because USA is running out of it at home. Now they are in need. Why don't they attack Saudi Arabia? Because they are close allies, even when Saudi Arabia does not have democracy. Iran? Because they are far too well organized than Iraq, and war with Iran would crush their economy. Even war in Iraq looks bad enough for the economy of US. North Korea? Government doesn't want World War 3 (Nuclear War).

If a powerful company wants money, they just go to president (and the rest of the government) and 55% of the senate, give them bribes, and US goes to war. Microsoft and arms manufacturing companies are able to do that. And many other companies. Even the companies with funeral activities will get profit from war.

Well, that's about it for now...

With regards,


About the Author

Name: Rakun
Age: 19
Country: Slovenia
City: Ljubljana
State: Ljubljana
Gender: Male
Experience With US: Never Visited the United States

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